China Economic Data Wrap 2015

Published: 2016/01/21 16:55 HKT

Choose your headline:-

Option A: China grows at slowest rate in 25 years

Option B: China one of world’s fastest growing economies

Option C: China adds G-20 sized economy every year

Option D: China on verge of collapse

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS): China’s Economy Realized a Moderate but Stable and Sound Growth in 2015


source: NBS

GDP by province




source: NBS

Real Estate Investment


source: NBS
source: NBS
source: NBS

Retail Sales

source: NBS

Industrial Production



Debt vs. Growth 

source: WSJ

GDP per credit 

source: Bloomberg



source: @s1moncox

Monetary base

source: WSJ

Capital Flows

source: twitter (tbc)

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